How to Go on a Skiing Holiday in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia’s great Victorian city is known for its amazing cuisine and many sporting events. Melbourne is one of the best cities down under to enjoy snow adventures. That’s right; snow. The Melbourne snowing season starts in early June, coinciding with the Queen’s birthday. If you want to enjoy snow early in the year, there’s no better place to go. Here are several tips on how to enjoy a skiing trip in Australia:

Educate Yourself about Melbourne’s Snowfields

Melbourne’s stunning white snowfields are located close to the city. You can expect to arrive at a skiing snowfield with about an hour’s drive from the main metro region. The closest is Mount Buller, which won’t take you more than 50 minutes to arrive by car. Buller is great for weekend getaways because of the proximity. If you love snowboarding and fun skiing activities, then Falls Creek is the best place to go. The alps-style resort there offers amazing activities for kids, adults, new skiers and the experienced alike. If you are more of a hardcore ski fan, then head over to Hotham in High Country. It’s located farther away from the city but the snowfield is located on a breathtaking mountain ridge. The slopes there will definitely get your adrenaline rushing.

Decide Whether to Buy or Rent Gear

Carrying ski gear could be a challenge for tourists flying from out of state. Even Aussies might not want car space being overtaken by bulky skiing hardware. Skiers who are not too attached to personal gear should definitely consider ski hire Melbourne for all the necessary items. If you are on a budget of sorts, renting will definitely keep overall costs low for you. Book gear rental online to save money and make sure what you need is available. Also, in Melbourne, you don’t have to drive back to a store to return rental gear. You can just leave the stuff at the ski resort and call to arrange a pickup.

Get Your Lift Passes

Tourists should be aware that skiers are required to obtain lift passes for some slopes. Adults can get either day or season passes. Day passes cost around a 100 Aussie dollars and season passes are slightly over $1,000. Season passes are better if you want access to various international resorts. Some tour companies offer bundle deals combining resort and passes that are convenient and cost effective for ski lovers.

Know When the Kid-Friendly Days are

If you have kids, then you might want to turn up at the snowfields on the kid-friendly days. This is usually from July 2 to 16, overlapping the mid-year break for Australian students. On the other hand, if you don’t want your ski resort overrun by kids, you might want to avoid these days. Snow conditions are not ideal in early July but most resorts have workarounds like snow machines. In any case, the kids will be too busy trying cool activities to care.

Check Booking Sites for Accommodation

Accommodation options are aplenty for Melbourne ski trip goers. You can choose from luxury resorts to low-cost cabins. The area also has loads of apartments available for short-term rent. It’s best to check up local booking sites online to find the most suitable accommodation on the days that you want.

Skiing is just one of the fun activities you can try around Melbourne. Combining touring the city with a ski getaway to enjoy a truly memorable vacation.