Things to do in Perth

The Scottish town of Perth is also often referred to as being the ‘Gateway to the Highlands’. Located on the banks of the River Tay, Perth was, for centuries, the capital of Scotland and back in medieval times the busy small town was known by local folk as St. John’s Town or St. Johnstone. The name of the town, or Peairt in the Gaelic language, is a derivative of a word of the Picts for a wood. These days this picturesque small town is a great place for a vacation with a comprehensive amount of Perth bed and breakfasts to choose from ranging from the keenly priced inn to the rather pricey finest luxury hotels and spas with lots of character and charm.

If it is your first time to visit Perth, there are so many things you have to be excited about. Here is the list of proven places that like millions of people, might interest you too:

Scarborough Beach

If you want to experience white stretches of sand and beautiful place, then, this is the right place to be. Aside from the lovely beach, there are many sports activities you can do here like surfing. There are also fantastic restaurants, cafes and bars everywhere so it’s a party all day and night. With stunning people and facilities, it is sure that you will fall in love with the place.

John Forrest National Park

This is a perfect place for a family and friend to picnic. With a land so huge, there are plenty of activities you could do in this place. The right time to visit this place is during winter when water is graceful. Everything in this place is nice and clean, including comfort rooms.

Penguin Island

Be amazed, mesmerized and astonished with penguins, sea lions and other nesting birds you can see in this island. Getting close to these gems is absolutely a great experience you will never forget. Tour guides are always available to welcome you and explore you in the island. Once you are in, you will find the place like a cave that hides precious animals and it is sure that you will appreciate them.

Perth City

  • Concert Hall 

This is a place where you could relax while listening to the symphony of orchestra. This place is a fantastic art venue and a perfect place of art lovers. There’s no bad event in this concert hall.

  • Scone Palace

Probably the most famous attraction, which is near to Perth, is Scone Palace one of the nation’s finest historical country homes. Here people can explore the fascinating past of the palace, where the early Scottish kings were crowned including, Robert The Bruce who became king of Scotland in 1306.

Other than the tourist attractions introduced earlier Perth has countless more, making it a superb place for a vacation for you and your family. Attractions and places, to see, found in Perthshire include the following; Kinnoull Hill, Perthshire Visitor Centre, Perth Ice Rink, Perth Art Gallery & Museum and the Museum of the Black Watch at Balhousie Castle.

Whether you choose to stay for just a day or a couple of weeks you will very quickly realize that there many exciting things to see and do in the immediate vicinity of Perth and Perthshire. Visitor attractions include; historical attractions, shopping, restaurants and sport and leisure pursuits and various other entertainments.  If you are really new in Perth, the best way to enjoy hopping into places is by using car rentals so that there’s no hassle in your part.