Things to Do in the Murray River Region

For a vacation far from all the frenzy that an urban hub provides, the Murray River in South Australia can be your best bet. Indeed, this is different from the usual holiday weekend. Your first activity can be ariver cruise on board the quaint but popular houseboats. This can be a great deal of fun for grown-ups, teens and kids.

Houseboats on Murray River Amazing Lodging Experience

Choose your houseboat. The river craft can accommodate from two up to 12 individuals. Luxury boats are complete with all the amenities that you can find in an ordinary hotel. Plan your voyage. Make early bookings especially for the peak months. Make a list of important stuff to bring and extra-curricular activities that will keep you busy throughout the tour. Include the Adelaide Central Market. This is the best place to purchase goodies such as different types of bread, cold cuts, olives as well as an assortment of dips and cheeses. You may also want to get your driver to detour to Dan Murphy’s bottle store to fill thetrailer with beer and wine for your week up the creek, as your opportunities to stock up once on the river are limited.

The Murray River region is famous for its beautiful destinations.

It is also a children’s delight with playgrounds, interactive educational facilities, picnic and camping areas all over. Murray is just an hour’s drive from Adelaide. Once you set foot on the rich banks of thewaterway, you can see the enormous width of pure water and verdant plant life. The cool temperature is perfect for growing multiple varieties of grapes. Hence, you can relish the vintage wine and delicious foods if you visit wine cellars near the Murray River.

Try the Floating Gourmet and the sumptuous meals that it offers.

For more convenience, you can make reservations using online order forms online. The costs are very affordable too with roughly $160 per adult for the entire week and three large meals daily. Allot some timeto visit the Mungo National Park which has been included in the world heritage. Parks in the Murray River are also the habitation of unique birds and animals which include the Black Swan, Australian Pelican, Red-Rump Parrot, Western Grey Kangaroo, Koala, Dragon Lizard, and Emu. You can see the35 endangered avian species, 16 varieties of rare mammals and over 30 different varieties of native fish in the region.Murray is said to be the one of the best attractions in Australia.


Murray River Region is the place for relaxation and leisure. It offers the incredible services from accommodation to amenities, if you want to experience the best travel of your life, spend some time in Murray River Region, Australia. You will really feel that it is one of the perfect days of your life. Australia will bring a different kind of bliss and a different taste of pleasure. No matter what you do and everywhere you go in Australia, without any doubt, Murray River Region is going to let you experience Australia at its best.