Best of Apollo Bay

Searching for another tourist location for holidaying around? Well, Australia might be quite handy in that case, and Apollo Bay can be nothing less than a thrill for the adventure lovers! With lots of things to do there, you can find yourself enjoying thoroughly and profoundly.


The weather at Apollo Bay is the most perfect one that can support a great vacation. With temperatures absolutely moderate during the day times and humidity levels not too cruel, the place is pleasant enough for wonderful holidays with friends and family. Basically, the weather remains suitable for tourists all-round the year and it is never too chilling cold!

Tourist Attraction

This place has been an attractive tourist location since decades! The main places to visit in Apollo Bay include the numerous surfing beaches. These beaches are the most densely flocked areas. However, they are not the only ones! Beaches apart, the Bass Strait Shell Museum and the Old Cable Station Museum are the other popular points of attraction. These museums are worth giving fistfuls of time. Among the other places to visit in Apollo bay are the rainforests of the Barham valley, the Marriner’s falls, the Skene’s creek, the Great Otway National park and the lighthouse at Cape Otway. So, it is not just about the surfing and swimming that you can do, there is a lot more than that!


As far as the accommodation is considered, there are thousands of them, both in humble as well as expensive ranges. There are hotels, motels, inns, rest houses, guest houses and apartments. The Apollo Bay waterfront motor inn, the Beachfront motel and the Golden chain of hotels are some of the thronged accommodation in Apollo Bay.

Days seem to have wings when you are enjoying yourself! Time just flies by. This is absolutely true for Apollo Bay because surfing and sea relishing are two of the most sought after options when it comes to what are the things to do in ApolloBay. After all, that is the prime reason why people visit this place! But that does not end the chart! There are wonderful forest roads to be hiked. For those who are willing to go more into the detail, fishing can be a great option to satiate your craving. Shopping is yet another great thing to do there. There are huge markets displaying scores of fancy things to choose from!


If you are a certified foodie then smile a bit! There are scores of places to eat in Apollo Bay. The La Bimba, Aire Valley restaurant and the Apollo Bay hotel are some of the beautiful dining locations, mind it; pockets are nowhere a problem! You can enjoy sweet fish and chips at some places, while others might provide an extensively long full course! There are take-away corners and fast food restaurants for tit-bit needs as well. So, with a variety to offer, these eat out places would just make your trip fulfilling and satisfying.

There are numerous pubs all over this quiet area where driving holidaymakers could enjoy delicious breakfasts as well as excellent coffee while looking forward to a drive around this gorgeous place.