Port Arthur Historic Visit

For history buffs, it is easy to see why Port Arthur is such a popular attraction. A visit to the area provides a fascinating lesson in Australian history. Named right after Lieutenant Governor George Arthur it’s most renowned as a penal colony for convicted British and Irish felons. Despite the fact that the area shunned its past for a number of years it now sees its colorful background and is the most well-liked tourist attraction in the state.

Located in Tasmania, Port Arthur is an extraordinarily well preserved and restored prisoner settlement. It was in operation throughout much of the nineteenth century. Criminals from Ireland and Britain were sent to the settlement which was almost completely surrounded by water. The tiny bit of land which connected Port Arthur to the mainland was heavily guarded so that prisoners had little chance of escape.

The inmates produced leather items and shoes, clothing and tools made from wood. Many of the settlement’s supplies were made on site by the prison population. Thus, the prison was virtually self-sufficient. Far from being a harmonious community, the convicts often worked as part of a chain gang. The beatings and violence towards the inmates earned Port-Arthur the name ‘hell on Earth’. Of course, this phrase no longer applies today, as accommodation in the area is comfortable and appealing!

Tourism in the area can be traced back to the 1920’s. After the closing of the prison, it was renamed ‘Carnavon’ in order to disassociate it from its controversial past. In the twenties, the name reverted to Port Arthurbecause of the strong interest in visiting the site from tourists. Ever since, it has drawn travelers from all over the globe.

There are a variety of activities which can help you to learn about the area. Tour guides will show you the original prisons. The Island of the Dead, a prisoner graveside, is also open to visitors. You can take a ghost tour at night to learn about the spooky stories surrounding Port Arthur. The scenic backdrop contrasts with its dark past. The natural beauty of the area is worth taking advantage of. Visitors can go for a hike, explore caves or enjoy boating.

Port-Arthur is among the top Australian destinations for tourists, so make sure to reserve accommodation early. The lodges and inns can get booked up months in advance, especially for the summer season. As well, the island location means there are fewer hotels than in very large city destinations.

There are a variety of accommodation options, both large and small. The hotels and motels are especially convenient for large groups because you can reserve blocks of rooms. Smaller accommodation options include pubs with rooms, boutique hotels and bed and breakfast lodging. You can also find self-catering lodges and cabins with kitchens. Some have views of the bay.

The ideal things to do in Port Arthur would be to take tours to the local attractions along with a visit to the nearby attractions and enjoy Port Arthur. The town is well-off Australia’s most significant heritage, all-natural charms, exciting gatherings and wonderful food and drink have definitely drawn excellent number of travelers from just about everywhere. It truly is definitely a lovely location to go to.